Plumbing Services

A wastewater management company is not properly equipped to handle the 24/7 operations our customers demand without a one of a kind plumbing and engineering team. As such we can provide extensive services related to plumbing and wastewater plus additional services such as metering manhole installations, flume installations and calibrations and grease interceptor or grease trap installations in the Atlanta and surrounding areas. We also provide plumbing services outside of Georgia on a case by case basis depending on what our clients' needs may be. We have completed hundreds of the following projects for different industries and know what it takes to complete these types of projects without disrupting your business and on your schedule. With all our projects we take pride in what we do and will provide assistance well after the project is complete, in fact most of our customers are repeat customers and referrals. We promise to provide exceptional service at the quoted price.
-Grease Trap Installations
-Grease Trap Replacement
-Flume & Manhole Installations
-Water Treatment Process Plumbing
-Lift Station Installation, Troubleshooting & Control
-Line Jetting
-Septic System Installation & Services

Grease Interceptor Pumping & Jetting

Often our customers don't want to worry about the maintenance and scheduling of their grease trap pumping. It is for this reason we provide a comprehensive plan for our customers by getting their interceptors pumped and retaining all waste manifests. We also stay in communication with the pumper to ensure no issues are present in the interceptor itself. Additionally, we provide pressure washing and sludge judge on the interceptors in order to ensure the customer's facility is in good standing to prevent such as issues of clogs and backups. Sometimes clogs are inevitable but we can get a jetting truck and plumber onsite quickly in order to ensure we keep your operations moving. While wastewater is an often forgotten endeavor, our customers have found that having a dedicated team of experts is worthwhile in keeping their operations in motion to better serve their customers. Above everything we are a service company and we want the opportunity to serve you.